A Prayer A Day- 9/10/2015 (Prayer)

A Prayer A Day- 9/10/2015  
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Today’s Scripture(s) – Ephesians 6:11
“Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Today’s Prayer:
Father in heaven we come before you this day thanking and praising and honoring your magnificent wonderful name. We glorify you and praise you Lord, we lift you up on high our Almighty King. We bless you this day for your goodness and your mercy. We praise you and say “Thank you Lord” for your grace on our lives. We love you today Father. We sing holy, holy, holy to you Lord you are worthy of all the glory you are worthy of all the praise you Lord God are worthy and you Lord God deserve all the praise and all the honor that we can lift our voices to give. You Lord God deserve all the praise and all the glory and all, the honor that we can lift our hands up to you to give. You Lord watched over last night and protected us and shielded us as we slumbered. You Lord allow your angels to encamp round about us. Thank you Lord. We thank you Lord for being a wall of fire around us that no evil can penetrate. We thank you Lord for cutting down every adversary that arises up against us. We thank you Lord, we thank you Lord we cannot thank you enough Father God. What could we do without you Lord? Where could we go without you Lord? What would our lives be without you Father God? We could do nothing, we could go nowhere and we would be nothing. You Oh God are awesome and powerful and you Lord clothe us in your righteousness. Thank you Father God, thank you! Today Lord we put on your Whole Armor. Today Lord we take up your armor and we put it on Lord, we know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood Lord, we know that our fight is not against man or beast but our fight is against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world, our fight is against spiritual wickedness in high places. We thank you Lord that you have equipped us with your armor that we can wear and it enables us to pull down strongholds in the spirit and take back the grounds, take back all that the enemy has stolen. We thank you Father that you make known to us the wiles of the devil and thank you Father God that you have equipped us to hold out against and resist the enemy of our soul. We stand Lord God with your word deep in our inner parts we gird our loins with your truth, your word. We thank you Father God that our hearts, that you have written your word on, is shielded and protected with your breastplate of righteousness we hide your word in our hearts Father that we might not sin against you. We dear Lord put on our feet the shoes of peace, our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, we are prepared to bring your word dear Lord everywhere we go, we will bring the good news of your peace every place that our foot falls Father, we do not run to strife, we do not run to upheaval, we bring your peace Lord to every situation, your peace dear Lord that passes all understanding, GLORY TO YOUR NAME! Above all we take up the shield of faith, your word says Father that without faith it is impossible to please you, therefore we take up the shield of faith and we hold it up before us, faith shields us and our shield of faith, quenches, extinguishes, puts out, brings to naught every fiery dart that the enemy throws our way – HALLELUJAH! We take up the helmet of salvation today Lord and we put it on, your helmet of salvation keeps our minds centered and our thoughts tuned in and turned on to you Lord, your helmet of salvation keeps the thoughts of the enemy from penetrating our minds we do not entertain any of the impure, immoral, unclean, down trodden thoughts of the enemy, the helmet of your salvation Father shields our minds. We submit and commit ourselves to you Father God and we grab a hold of the sword of the Spirit, we grab a hold of your word Lord and we speak your word with boldness, we use your word, the sword of the Spirit to resist the devil and he will have to flee. We use the sword of the Spirit, your word to bring correction to our lives and the lives of our love ones. We speak your word Lord. We thank you that your word is in our hearts for your word says, from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and we today speak your word Lord because your word is in our heart overflowing abundantly. We pray without ceasing we pray and pray and pray and pray today Lord. We pray in the Spirit and we pray with understanding, we pray all kinds of prayer today Lord. We lift up your people before you Lord we make supplication for every dear soul in the Spirit. We lift up our families before you, we lift up our neighbors before you, we lift up our coworkers and every dear soul our lives have ever come in contact with, we lift them up before you Lord God and make supplication and present petitions to you Lord on their behalf we persevere in prayer Lord for your people, no matter what our circumstance we pray with persistence. Father we thank you we praise you we honor you we glorify you, we lift you up and exalt your wonderful awesome name. We love you today Lord. We love you Lord for your goodness and your kindness to us. Thank you Lord for keeping us and providing for us, thank you Lord for caring and taking care of us, we bless your holy name today and thank you for your armor Father God, we can walk right, we can talk right, we can do right only through the power and strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lord we thank you and we sincerely love you Father God. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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